Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Mobile web development – Some common problems

The significance of mobile sites is not lost upon organizations that want to get closer to the target audience. In a battle of products, promotions and strategies, companies tend to make use of mobile sites to spring a surprise on the target audience. With the increasing popularity of such sites, aspiring developers are called into action to bring out novel sites through effective mobile web development programs.

But there’s more to it than meets the eye and the development team romped in to provide the ideal solution has to overcome stiff challenges to build ideal mobile sites. While an enthusiastic developer is keen to build robust sites, there are some common problems that dot this niche and that make it difficult for the developer to create robust sites that work effectively on all platforms. What are the common problems that pervade this niche?

Failure to wear ‘all-platform’ outlook

Though the talk of developing mobile web site that functions on all devices pervades the mobile website development world, building mobile sites to reach out to all platforms is still not prevalent amid the developer community. By providing focal attention on the most popular platforms, developers fail to understand the significance of other devices and the need to build sites that prove to be a perfect fit for all platforms.

Influenced by marketing buzz

More often than not, development companies fall a prey to the marketing buzz that trumpets the significance of a couple of popular platforms. The dearth of reliable data that can guide a company to make result-driven decisions is yet another reason that results in development programs that target the most popular platforms. Teams involved in mobile website development programs should come out of this jinx, and develop sites that work well across several platforms.

Lack of mobile devices

Needless to say, enthusiastic developers launch into aggressive testing related to mobile devices to develop mobile sites that capture the attention of target audience. But, an average developer finds it hard to lay his hands on a variety of devices and delve deep into the mobile browser market. In finding it hard to go on an investment drive to know more about mobile devices, developers tend to dig into the popular platforms and build sites to cater to these popular platforms.

Before venturing to develop robust mobile sites, an aspiring developer ought to take note of some of the common problems that pervade this niche to roll out suitable measures and conquer such problems in a productive manner.

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