Friday, 5 October 2012

Android app development – Confusing Queries that Deserve Attention

Android has emerged as a popular operating system for tablets and smartphones. In the recent past, Android app development has picked up steam, and the very many Android apps that have been churned out during this period speak volumes about the popularity of this platform. Above all, Android has that magnetic power to lure that attention of aspiring developers who set out on a long journey to develop robust applications.

There are several strong points of this platform that work in favor of the enthusiastic developer. By taking note of the unique features of Android, developers can bring out apps that become the talk of the town. In the same breath, there are some confusing queries concerning Android application development that deserve proper answers. It is deemed ideal to find answers to these queries before setting out to gain good mileage out of this platform. Here are some perplexing queries that deserve your undivided attention.

What mix?

Android platform has earned an enviable reputation amid developers owing to its ability to bring out updates at regular intervals. In such a scenario, the developer involved in the Android app development program can make use of the opportunity to develop applications that suit different target versions belonging to this platform. Moreover, there is also the possibility of using third party APIs among other options, and an enthusiastic developer should identify the right mix before taking a plunge.

What devices?

Another critical component of the development program is the type of devices for which the Android app gets developed. As there is every possibility for new Android devices to hit the market, and as end users tend to opt for tablets as well as cell phones, this is a query that begs a proper answer. The type of device for which the app gets built ought to be decided even before the development program gets initiated.

What distribution channels?

Though an aspiring developer can extract the potentials of Google Android Market application to market the developed app in a diligent manner, there are other distribution channels that need to be considered to extend the reach of the developed application. The right mix pertaining to distribution channels deserves proper answer before a developer gets started with this development program.

What business model?

Most importantly, the business plan on which the app gets built produces a great impact on the reach pertaining to the application. In essence, the query regarding the business model has to be answered well before steps are being taken to develop a robust Android app.

Prior to getting initiated with the Android app development program, an enthusiastic developer should provide answers to confusing queries to get started in the right way.


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