Friday, 9 November 2012

Secrets uncovered to make a mark in mobile app development world

Whether it is the gaming app or the productivity app, a firm engaged in mobile app development should devote its focal attention on user preferences to win the confidence of the target audience. Mobile apps that are built on a good concept, that carry a good design and that unveil easy-to-use interface are well equipped to find the users’ nod of approval.

While a development firm is eager to uncover the secrets to make a mark in the mobile app development world, it has to take note of important features that can tip the scale in favor of the company involved in this program.

Mobile first attitude

There’s no denying the fact that development firms that wear mobile first attitude have taken rapid strides to register good growth in their mobile application development programs. With this mobile first attitude, the development company should roll out measures to bring out composite apps that are built from composite architecture.

User perspective into design

Needless to say, an app development company goes all out to build robust apps only to lure the attention of the target audience. In such a scenario, a development firm should ensure that users become a significant component of the design phase, where users’ needs and preferences come into play during the design process.

User base

The development firm that offers its focal attention on building groundbreaking apps should also devote its focus on improving its customer base. Establishments that have built a solid customer base have made easy inroads into the hearts and minds of customers, where a development firm ought to take steps to strengthen its user base in the first place. By developing a community, the firm stands a better chance to reap rewards out of the applications that it builds time and time again.


To rise above the din and bustle of the mobile application development world, the development firm ought to come up with the right strategy to promote the developed apps. While the firm takes efforts to cater to a wider audience base, it is deemed better to allow free usage of developed apps. The development company has to adopt the right strategy to hook the attention of target audience, which really pays off in the longer run.

Feedback loop

The app development process can consume extended periods, pushing developers to create the customer feedback loop as early as possible. This is done to ensure that the development team is traveling the right path to introduce apps that meet the exacting needs of the target audience and to make necessary changes during the development program.

Learning the secrets to make a big hit out of the mobile app development programs is the first best step to make a mark in this niche.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Mobile app development and the entry into app store

The ardent developer involved in mobile app development programs is pelted with innumerable queries that deserve right answers. While the developer is always looking for the spark of an idea to make a dashing entry into the app store, he has to weigh his options before making attempts to introduce applications. Mobile application development has a lot in store, where an enthusiastic developer ought to channel his energy and time in the right way to make the most of this program.

The striking options that are hard to resist and that hold the developer’s attention include HTML5, cross-platform solution and native apps. Build promising mobile app development programs by nailing down the right technology.


HTML is the most sought option in the present scenario, and getting started with integrated development environment has never been so easy. With HTML5, the developer is on his way to unveil an Android, iOS or a Windows Phone project, make use of a webkit window and come up trumps with robust apps. With this option, the developer can churn out apps that function on all browser operating systems and bring out apps that capture enough eyeballs.

But, there are negative elements that cloud mobile application development programs built on HTML5. This is not the most glorifying option when it comes to providing access to most of the modern device features that attract customers’ attention. Another problem that has to be surmounted is the feel and look where this option fails to offer native experience in animation. For someone who plans to build a simple app, HTML5 seems to provide the right path to build such applications.

Cross-platform solution

Aspiring more to bring out eyeball-capturing apps, the developer is presented with a better option that promises good results. The developer can turn his attention to cross-platform compiled frameworks, which unveils a young field that has not been explored by many. With the right choice concerning frameworks, the enthusiast is up and about to gain entry into app stores.

On the downside, such platforms tend to support a couple of devices and are not well-equipped to offer complete support to many devices. But, developers trying to get to grips with the niche can gain ample experience by building apps through cross-platform solution.

Native apps

The developer is also presented with uncut native development option that bridges the gap between developer’s imaginations and different devices’ capabilities. By going in for this option, the developer can bring out apps that work on one platform. For providing support to another platform, the developer is pushed to start right from the scratch when this option is put to use to build apps. Native development option sets up a springboard for developers aiming to build apps with data processing needs or high-performance graphics.

By selecting the right option, developers can introduce robust apps out of mobile app development programs and gain entry into app stores.