Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Elements for Android App Development

We all know android platform is becoming very popular platform and having more number of audience for android platform. So while developing the android applications, android developers needs to be very careful and have to consider several elements before creating a useful application. The given below are some important points should be consider by the developer while android app development.

Useful application

The application developed by the developer, it should be very useful, informative and unique service. So that user can pick and use it very often. Developer should develop the application with unique feature and should be very useful to the end user.

Longer usage

A good Application is used by the users more times and using it for longer usage or re-use it at a regular intervals. Developers should focus and consider to develop the application which should attract the user useful fr longer usage.

Positive user experience

Application should be very useful for end users and looks to give positive user experience. The development team that is involved in creating alluring applications ought to take note of this fact, and ensure that a well-designed Android app is created to offer rich user experience as well as engagement.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Android has become one of the leading mobile platform and if we look into the survey, android is the most used mobile platform. It attracts the users and Though end users can take their pick from among a variety of apps, it is the robust app that attracts the immediate attention of the target audience.

As the result, enthusiastic developers involved in Android app development program ought to consider several elements before creating a useful application. Here are some queries that need to be answered to ensure that a development team builds an effective app in the bargain.

What is a useful app?

In the first place, the Android app development team that aspires to bring out an effective application should strive to build a useful application for a client. An app that is built just to advertise a product doesn’t earn recognition amid users, as an application should offer unique information or service to capture the attention of the target audience. In simple terms, the end user would pick a tool that is useful to him, and aspiring developers ought to keep this mind when they take steps to create Android apps for end users.

What is the application built for?

Needless to say, the dire need for an application impacts the success of an app, and the development team ought to weigh this feature before venturing to develop effective Android applications. When the app is built for a brand that boasts of products with longer life cycle or for a fashion company, the application brings immense benefits for both the user and the company. The reason for which an application is built can produce a telling impact on the success of an application.

Does it create positive user experience?

End users look for an app that is easy to use and that paves the way for a positive user experience. The development team that is involved in creating alluring applications ought to take note of this fact, and ensure that a well-designed Android app is created to offer rich user experience as well as engagement.

While the development team is involved in Android app development project, it should take note of important aspects to build effective apps in the process.

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

BlackBerry CRM from ZSL

To be successful in today’s competitive market place, enterprises must seamlessly improve interaction and extend information beyond the walls of their organization. ZSL’s end-to-end enterprise mobile solutions makes it real time possible giving business managers significant advantage of remote and instant access to information from anywhere, anytime. Our Mobile CRM solution for BlackBerry delivers a rich user experience and drives overall usage of your CRM system by enabling remote access for your sales, service and management teams.

ZSL’s CRM Mobile solutions helps the business users using CRM application to increase sales and service effectiveness at every stage of the sales cycle, say, from leads and opportunities management to fulfilment and invoicing via their BlackBerry phone. It provides your sales force with access to powerful and required information making activity management less agonizing process and more serene, while enabling business managers to view critical data and for perusal to resolve issues immediately even on move before back to work desk.

The CRM custom business applications are developed in MS.NET using web services, powered by SOAP and WSDL, compatible with BlackBerry mobile client, where the business process interaction are done by XML Web Services.

ZSL’s BlackBerry CRM solution keeps the enterprise sales personnel connected online to lead data and sales information via handy BlackBerry mobile device thus ruling out the business stalemate due to any information lack.

About ZSL

ZSL Inc, is a global technology integrator and solution provider based in Edison, NJ with more than 2000 employees worldwide focused in developing and delivering enterprise IT solutions and services using the emerging technology platforms to keep the TCO low and ROI high. ZSL is a pioneer in business and technology solutions, innovations, has expertise in providing Onshore, Offshore & Near shore technology solutions and services to the enterprises worldwide.

The Andriod Story


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Monday, 6 February 2012

Android application development - Some Truths

Android app development provides an opportunity to make their own APIs and applications. Here, developers should have to take note of some truths about android application development. They are as follows,


Android is a unique platform, it can be carried out on many devices. Here Java is used for this platform. Though Android is unique in getting staged over multiple hardware platforms, conflict can crop up over the limitations and specifications of some of the platforms that interfere with that of the functions related to this form mobile app development applications.

Different Resolutions and Sizes

The popular android phones come with their own screen resolutions and sizes. So the developer should be cautious about the resolutions and sizes. Developer should develop applications as well as games to all popular android screens.

No Account needed

Android is unlike into other platforms, while launching the android app development, it doesn’t need a special account and no membership. If you are interested in android app development, you can develop your own application and release it. Here, no need to approve it by others.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

How Blackberry CRM app offers valuable contribution

Organizations strive to offer exemplary services to gain confidence of customers and to establish good relationships with esteemed clients. Without a grain of doubt, customer relationship management is one of the significant components that deserve complete attention, and that can impact the success of an organization. By making use of the Blackberry CRM software, establishments are well placed to make use of this tool and win the confidence of customers. In what way does this tool contribute to the success of an establishment?

Successful sales efforts

Sales executives in an organization can make diligent use of this app to accomplish fruitful results. This CRM software built for Blackberry allow sales professionals to analyze customer histories, and to gather details regarding the response exhibited by customers for specific campaigns, among the other valuable details to know about a customer before a sales meeting. With this vital information, sales personnel are well placed to expend effective sales efforts, and to minimize client rejection in the process.

Quick problem solving

Customers tend to lose confidence in an organization that fails to exhibit quick-fire response to problems regarding services or products. By taking measures to solve problems that taunt customers, an establishment is sure to enhance customer satisfaction on the whole. The Blackberry CRM application helps the service and field staff to act immediately, made possible by real-time details offered by the application, and to resolve problems of customers without delay.

Informed interactions

Customers interact with companies through various channels, where the customer interacts with the service center, contact center, and with the sales and marketing department on various issues. With the aid of the tool developed for Blackberry, sales and service staff can gather details regarding the communication established by a customer, and be prepared to institute informed interactions with customers from thereon.

Do more with less

Since this effective tool establishes links between various organizations, service and field personnel glean relevant details about customers even when they are on the move. Moreover, timely responses and decisions are made with the help of this app, which in turn improves productivity of an establishment.

Undivided focus
When this app for Blackberry is put in place, the various teams in an organization know that it is important to provide as well as gather relevant customer information to produce a good team effort. In short, this tool aids the sales and service staff to offer their undivided focus on customer requirements and to offer timely services to win the trust of esteemed clients.

Save crucial time

Most importantly, this software that is built for Blackberry saves crucial time, as the service and field staff are better placed to take timely decisions and improve customer satisfaction.

While the Blackberry CRM software gets implemented by an establishment, it allows an organization to provide timely services, establish good rapport with customers, and to win customer confidence in the bargain.

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