Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Lenovo tablets will get Android 4.0 version

Here is a happy news for Lenovo users. Yes, Lenovo tabs will directly update its tablets to Android 4.0 platform from May in India. Lenono is a Taiwanese based PC maker who told that it will begin to rollout of Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) for its IdeaPad and Thinkpad tablets in the month of May in India.

Lenovo sells 3 tablets in India, namely ThinkPad, IdeaPad K1 and IdeaPad A1, which runs Android 2.3.x. But they not clearly mentioned which tab will get updated. 

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Resource: http://www.themobileindian.com/news/4997_Lenovo-tabs-to-get-Android-4.0-from-May-in-India

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Significant elements of Android app development

As the popularity of mobile app development is increasing steadily, more companies have started to bring out mobile applications that are built to meet different needs of end users. Among the various platforms, Android app development process has lured the attention of developers, and a combination of factors have worked in favor of this development process, and have created an alluring appeal amid the developers. There are five significant elements that have become instrumental in increasing the popularity of Android app development projects.

User interface

The most important aspect that has converted Android apps into popular ones is the user interface built through this application process. In case of Android applications, creating the user interface that finds the nod of approval from the end users is made easy and effective. In essence, Android provides a perfect platform to create good user interface that enjoys good popularity amid end users.


When a company that boasts of experienced developers is involved in mobile app development projects, it would like to test the developed apps before it introduces the application in the market place. When Android apps get developed by a company, it can make use of best device to test the applications. In effect, when Android apps get developed, developers can make good use of built in Emulator belonging to Android SDK to test the developed app.

Market place

Android market is yet another significant aspect that has increased the popularity of Android platform, where developers are eager to get engaged in Android app development projects. This market place allows developers to distribute the developed applications to users across the world. By way of easy registration process, a developer can make an entry into the Android market and find users who posses Android-powered devices.


By providing an open environment, Android has remained to be one of the popular platforms to create robust applications. The ardent developers find an able ally in the form of Android platform, as they have a good opportunity to offer development services and to bring out novel applications that provide solutions to the varied needs of end users. Most importantly, this development platform provides a golden opportunity for developers to offer good services to create apps that can bring real value to mobile phone users.

As people have started to make good use of mobile phones, mobile applications have become all the rage as of today. Most importantly, Android app development process has earned good reputation amid developers, made possible by four significant elements that have worked in favor of Android platform.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Four challenges to overcome during mobile website development

Mobile phones have become a robust tool to browse the internet and to gain information at quick pace. With this splendid opportunity created by mobile phones, companies are trying to build effective mobile sites by way of mobile website development to lure the attention of end users. The developer or the company involved in this website development program has to overcome some obstacles that can hinder the program. What are the challenges that need to be overcome during this development program?

Small screen size

The enthusiastic developer who participates in the development program that intends to build effective mobile websites faces problems owing to the small screen size. To overcome this problem created by the small screen size, and to make sure that the developed site fits well into that of the mobile phone display, the layout has to be uncomplicated. The developer should provide his focal attention to develop a mobile site that comes with an uncluttered look, and should make sure to make diligent use of pixels and width when the site gets built.

Easy navigation

When it comes to mobile website development program, it differs from the program intended to build normal websites, where navigation menu may not be a wise inclusion in case of mobile websites. In essence, the developer who is involved in this program to develop mobile sites should ensure that the site that is built offers easy navigation for mobile phone users. When navigation is made easy, the mobile site becomes a smashing hit amid end users.

Good speed

Another significant aspect that could produce a negative impact on a mobile site comes through the form of speed with which the site functions. The developer involved in this process of developing sites for Smartphone should ensure that the mobile site functions with good speed, where the developer should cut down all the features that can reduce the speed of the site. Moreover, the site developed for Smartphone should take the visitor to the normal site when information is not readily available at the mobile site, and when certain information is available only in the normal website pertaining to an organization.

Perfect for devices

Most importantly, the developer who is involved in this development process should build sites that suit specific devices. This could cause problems, where the developed sites cannot function efficiently on all types of mobile devices. With mobile devices getting introduced with each passing day, the developer should make sure that the website is built for specific mobile phones.

The company that is involved in the mobile website development program should adopt effective strategies to overcome the obstacles and establish good results out of this program.

Top iPhone & iPad Applications 2012

Get awesome and top iPad and iPhone applications from the given links.

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Thursday, 12 January 2012

Trends that impact Android application development

With Android providing a solid platform to build applications, developers are putting this platform to good use to create robust applications that cater to different needs of customers. As of now, Android app development is influenced by growing trends that have attracted the attention of developers and companies that are involved in this development program. These are the 5 hot trends that produce a great impact on app development programs.

Growing business app needs

Though mobile app development has registered a steady growth in the area of social networking apps and mobile games, the demand for business applications have gone up, which has pushed developers to provide their focal attention on business apps. Android, looked upon as an ideal platform to create business apps, is emerging as a top platform that paves the way for development of business applications.

Localized search

Another feature that has emerged as a hot trend and that has impacted Android app development programs is the growing need to introduce location-based technology as an inherent part of Android apps. Location based apps rule the roost, and location-based content brings wealth of benefits to mobile marketer, mobile advertiser and companies, which have pushed developers to look upon Android as an ideal platform to develop location-based applications.

Cloud computing

Yet another emerging trend that has impacted the mobile app development project takes the form of cloud computing, which has not only become a household name but has also become a solid platform for companies to offer cloud based services. With the growing demand for cloud computing services, developers are keen to make good use of Android to develop cloud-based applications to cater to the demands of clients.

Applications for mobile payments

In the recent past, consumers have started to make diligent use of mobile devices to make payments, which has even outscored other payment modes that include debit cards, credit cards and net banking facilities. With customers looking to make mobile payments, financial institutions have started to offer mobile payment options, and are keen to develop software that would enable this mobile payment procedure. This is a growing trend that has impacted application development projects, and developers never fail to take note of this trend to build apps that cater to this specific demand of financial institutions.

Support for social networks

Establishments have realized the potential of social platforms, and are eager to gain good mileage out of various social platforms. In effect, apps that support a wide range of social networks have attracted the attention of organizations, and the demand for such applications push developers to come out with applications that would offer support for various social networks.

Though mobile app development is growing at a rapid pace, there are 5 hot trends that impact this program, which arrest the attention of developers involved in this program.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

How iPhone CRM applications help to carry business in your pocket?

With fierce competition ruling the roost, companies are looking out for ways and means to increase productivity and to enhance the bottom line in the bargain. By implementing iPhone CRM app as an inherent part of an organization, sales managers are better placed to handle various tasks efficiently and easily. In essence, with the CRM applications, one can manage his team and business efficiently, as one accomplishes the tasks right in time. In short, by providing relevant real-time details, this tool allows sales professionals to carry their business in their pockets.

 What are the tasks?

When sales managers gather details concerning future tasks and appointments with the aid of this application, they are better placed to delegate tasks to team members. Apart from delegating tasks to team members, sales managers can keep track of developments, and create subtasks to make sure that tasks get completed right in time.

What’s in store?

When establishments make diligent use of iPhone CRM apps, sales managers and the team members stay informed about future developments. With the help of this application, a sales manager knows as to what lies in store, and knows about various appointments, tasks, projects and other commitments for the week or for a set period. The application allows professionals to be well prepared to handle future appointments with ease.

What are the projects?

A sales manager and his team are involved in various projects, and the members who participate in the projects also tend to vary. While the iPhone CRM app is put to use, a sales manager is better placed to manage and track several projects. Moreover, with this application, a sales manager can come out with a detailed plan to handle projects, allocate resources for projects, and can track developments of the projects with ease. Most importantly, tasks, notes, appointments and other features related to a project get stored at the same place, where a sales manager can acquire the needed details with ease.

What are the sales opportunities?

The sales team in an organization is always on the move to look out for sales opportunities that can bring in new clients and increase the sales figure of an establishment. While the CRM app for iPhone device is used, members in a sales team are better equipped to track the existing business and to take cue from sales leads to bring in potential customers. With the application providing relevant details even when the sales professionals are on the move, making diligent use of sales opportunities to achieve better results becomes easy and effective.

By providing details at the right time, and that work to the advantage of a sales team, iPhone CRM application helps sales professionals to carry their business in their pocket.