Thursday, 27 December 2012

Mobile web development - Are there ways to enhance usability

Mobile web browsing has become a smashing hit amid mobile-savvy customers. Enterprises are taking measures to build robust mobile sites through successful mobile web development programs. The development team involved in mobile web development program should embrace effective measures to enhance usability amid end users. What are the effective measures that need to be adopted to ensure success of mobile website development programs?

Screen resolution

Initially, while designing for mobile web gets underway, the development team ought to consider screen resolutions in the first place. Several design considerations lure the attention of the team, as that of screen sizes, resolutions as well as the shapes. By gleaning details on specifications pertaining to mobile devices, and by relying on best judgment, the development team can arrive at a common consensus to decide on screen resolution for a specific mobile website development project.

Web pages

Another significant aspect that needs to be considered is the way web pages are likely to be presented. It is deemed ideal to initiate breakup of web pages into that of small portions. Readers are put away by lengthy text sections, which make it hard for readers to pore over the content. Getting rid of lengthy text sections is essential to enhance usability, where web pages can be broken down into small portions making it easy for readers to pore over the content.


More importantly, the mobile web development program should promote simple web design, for simplicity enhances usability. The development team should go all out to develop a simple design, allowing users to get around the site easily and effectively. Another point to be pondered is about the balance that needs to be maintained between that of content and navigation.


Yet another aspect that can impact the usability factor is the placement pertaining to navigation. In essence, the development team ought to gather details about the target audience to know what they would be looking for and how they would want to navigate and glean details from the mobile site. By taking note of different options concerning navigation placements, the development team can embrace the right mode that makes navigation easy for the target audience.

User text

Most importantly, it is better to avoid user texts, as it becomes difficult to include text as a part of mobile versions. The development team can opt for lists or radio buttons, among other options, to enhance usability.

By offering focal attention on several important aspects, the development team can enhance usability through successful mobile web development programs.


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