Monday, 6 February 2012

Android application development - Some Truths

Android app development provides an opportunity to make their own APIs and applications. Here, developers should have to take note of some truths about android application development. They are as follows,


Android is a unique platform, it can be carried out on many devices. Here Java is used for this platform. Though Android is unique in getting staged over multiple hardware platforms, conflict can crop up over the limitations and specifications of some of the platforms that interfere with that of the functions related to this form mobile app development applications.

Different Resolutions and Sizes

The popular android phones come with their own screen resolutions and sizes. So the developer should be cautious about the resolutions and sizes. Developer should develop applications as well as games to all popular android screens.

No Account needed

Android is unlike into other platforms, while launching the android app development, it doesn’t need a special account and no membership. If you are interested in android app development, you can develop your own application and release it. Here, no need to approve it by others.


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