Thursday, 26 January 2012

Significant elements of Android app development

As the popularity of mobile app development is increasing steadily, more companies have started to bring out mobile applications that are built to meet different needs of end users. Among the various platforms, Android app development process has lured the attention of developers, and a combination of factors have worked in favor of this development process, and have created an alluring appeal amid the developers. There are five significant elements that have become instrumental in increasing the popularity of Android app development projects.

User interface

The most important aspect that has converted Android apps into popular ones is the user interface built through this application process. In case of Android applications, creating the user interface that finds the nod of approval from the end users is made easy and effective. In essence, Android provides a perfect platform to create good user interface that enjoys good popularity amid end users.


When a company that boasts of experienced developers is involved in mobile app development projects, it would like to test the developed apps before it introduces the application in the market place. When Android apps get developed by a company, it can make use of best device to test the applications. In effect, when Android apps get developed, developers can make good use of built in Emulator belonging to Android SDK to test the developed app.

Market place

Android market is yet another significant aspect that has increased the popularity of Android platform, where developers are eager to get engaged in Android app development projects. This market place allows developers to distribute the developed applications to users across the world. By way of easy registration process, a developer can make an entry into the Android market and find users who posses Android-powered devices.


By providing an open environment, Android has remained to be one of the popular platforms to create robust applications. The ardent developers find an able ally in the form of Android platform, as they have a good opportunity to offer development services and to bring out novel applications that provide solutions to the varied needs of end users. Most importantly, this development platform provides a golden opportunity for developers to offer good services to create apps that can bring real value to mobile phone users.

As people have started to make good use of mobile phones, mobile applications have become all the rage as of today. Most importantly, Android app development process has earned good reputation amid developers, made possible by four significant elements that have worked in favor of Android platform.

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